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Our EdTech tools are the leading the way in the South Africa. Find out how we can help you level up.

With a human approach to the ed-tech sector in South Africa, we have built industry leading tools that enable both students and coporations.

We offer a full suite of applications, please have a look at each feature page for more information of each offering.

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Knowledge Hub

Struggling with one of systems? Have a look at our knowledge hub, which contains extensive documentation, guides, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re wanting a quick answer to a common question, have a look at our FAQ’s; Broken down into each sector and application, for ease of access.

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Video Material

We host monthly training sessions, with a select group of participants, these sessions are recorded and provided as additional learning material.

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So, why us?

With over 50 years combined experience in learning and development, and a strong background in tech, we feel as though we’re the leaders in the industry, in South Africa.

We have developed a powerful ecosystem of tools, that service all aspects of managing your bursary, empowering your teams, and developing the youth in Africa.

For more details on who we are, and what we do, visit the About Us page.

About Us

Case studies

Find out how we approach each project, implementing each of our values. Bringing technology to the underprivileged.


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